Whether working with our clients at strategic or project level, we offer a truly independent and integrated service. In setting a way forward, transitioning and delivering place, property and service provision initiatives, you will find us proactive and professional at all times.

Within both of the Strategic and Delivery services we consider three key strands.

Strategic Consultancy

Socio Economic

We will work with you to develop evidence based business cases which support “people based” actions which, in turn, shape wider investment in great placemaking and individual property based projects. Our work with socio economic frameworks is particularly important in regeneration, urban or rural extensions and service provider programmes.

In addition to our strategic engagement, empowerment and ownership/stewardship action, our socio economic services include the award winning dba Community Action Resource Team [C.A.R.T.] programme. C.A.R.T. brings together a variety of impact assessments, an innovative perception measurement system, as well as social return on investment.

Strategic Placemaking and Delivery Frameworks

When working at this vital stage we develop Route Maps for Change and employ visioning exercises to ensure practical and viable placemaking frameworks. We also put in place Action Plans for the individual phases of work.

Our services in this area include asset management, risk management and mitigation as well as strategic procurement, business cases and bidding support.

Investment Frameworks

Whether you need feasibility, development viability, intervention and options appraisal we can help.
We offer advice on funding frameworks and delivery mechanisms as well as audit, compliance and governance services supporting our clients in probity and value for money objectives.

Delivery Consultancy

Project Management

Whether working in a client side or commissioning team role, we are accomplished at co-ordinating the range of parties involved in the delivery, funding and usage of any project.

Built Environment Cost Management

Our built environment cost management service is comprehensive and includes:

  • Detailed development appraisal support
  • Employer’s Agent or Representative or Purchaser’s Agent function
  • Quantity Surveying and cost management
  • Procurement processes
  • Contract assembly and management
  • Contract financial management

Our clients recommend us on the level of detail and accountability in the critical area of project management.

Complementary Support Services

In addition to the core services involved in delivery, we offer experience and total professionalism when it comes to dispute resolution, health and safety, quality control, efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring all projects run as smoothly and successfully as possible.