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Westcliff - The Journey so far!

The Westcliff neighbourhood in Scunthorpe is home to over 5000 people and is ranked in the top 100 most deprived areas in the Country when measured against the Index of Multiple Deprivation.

For about a decade, North Lincolnshire Council and more latterly, Ongo [the stock transfer company] have wrestled with finding a deliverable strategy that can bring about transformational change over time. Along the way, there have been and are in place successful individual programmes to support local people.

“Skint”, the television reality programme brought some additional notoriety by focusing on aspects of a benefit culture within Westcliff. This outside perception of Westcliff was not one local people felt was wholly justified and served to galvanise actions for a change of direction.

Our different approach to regeneration led to dba being appointed to coordinate a new way forward.

Working closely with community based organisations, service providers, landowners and enablers, a journey built upon wellbeing and opportunity was developed through an extensive engagement process, with a framework for socio-economic outcomes. In turn, the placemaking strategy element was designed to facilitate the delivery of people based actions with an initial focus on creating a new heart to the neighbourhood. Complex details belie the summary simplicity of the agreed neighbourhood plan.

Additional innovations see local social enterprises supported to develop new skills and capabilities alongside their existing valuable core work within the community, alongside a new way to track the journey’s progress. Many small steps lead to a giant leap forward!

The community neighbourhood vision is to realise “A fundamental shift in the wellbeing, aspiration and employment prospects of current and future generations”.

The next steps are putting the first delivery phases of the overall plan into place – the journey continues apace – Watch out for more from the Westcliff Diaries!


Westcliff in context



Westcliffe wide area masterplan