Creating an environment for young people to develop their potential and flourish as individuals is fundamental. Getting the physical functional spaces right underpins a successful process of education and learning.

Whether it be growth, maintaining market share or socio economic drivers, the education and learning offer requires continuous enhancement to reflect consumer expectations, business aspirations and competitive advantage.

As development advisors, dba make sure we understand what is important to you, your priorities, constraints and opportunities. Through nursery to higher education and targeted learning groups, from strategic reviews to on-site delivery, dba possess an enviable reputation for development management consultancy, project management, contract and cost consultancy roles to efficiently and effectively achieve your desired goals.  Through our research work we are also involved in approaches to support motivational initiatives to individual wellbeing.

Making the most of your assets

For those clients who are fortunate enough to have an abundance of assets, we have assisted the process of rationalisation which includes maximising disposal values for reinvestment, asset exchanges and cross subsidy.  For those requiring additional assets, we can support the journey towards sourcing and securing.

Buildings require day to day maintenance, planned cyclical investment and major repairs with listed buildings or conservation area property requiring special attention.  We support this facilities management with tailored solutions to match operational needs and timeliness of actions.


Working with first class designers and other specialists we are an active contributor to opportunities for remodelling, redevelopment and standalone investment for property and infrastructure. Our input into capital and revenue plans, risk management and delivery options, can be an important part of making these business decisions “in the round”

Accurate and effective contract and financial management together with excellent communication is essential for officers, governors and trustees alike. We understand the importance of finite resources and strong governance.

Why not speak to David Bishop or Gaynor McCarthy-Smith on how we can make a difference in meeting your needs?